Altar painting at Chapel 'Christofferhaus Siegen'

Animation - Altar opens within 20 seconds!

In September 2008, the altarpiece for the chapel at 'Christofferhaus' in Siegen was inaugurated.

The middle part was made in 1970 by Wilfried Ogilvie, originally a sketch. The respective sides and front are made and designed by Roland Tiller.

Materials: paper, crayons, colour pigments, gum arabic, synthetic resin, on beech wood, outer edges with 24 carat gold.

To Wilfried Ogilvie: painter, sculptor and architect born 1929 in Amsterdam, studied painting and sculpture in Stuttgart and Munich/Germany. Several years of experience as a graphic artist, sculptor, architect, etc. Ogilvie was one of the founder of the College of Fine Arts in Alanus Alfter near Bonn, where he was teaching students in painting, sculpture and architecture nearly 20 years. I.a. he established the European Academy. Ogilvie is now living in Hamburg. In 2008 his 'Artbook - Gospel of John' was published at Urachhaus (publishing house - Germany).

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