Colour In Space

Background, Meaning and Possibilities


Usually we look at our environment with a certain self-evidence, especially the fact that everything around us is colour. In the cycle of the year we experience the change of colour in nature the easiest, especially the change of mood beetween the summer and autumm. Everything in our external world is coloured.
The light makes colours and shapes visible. In fact, we can not see the light. We only see what is illuminated.

Darkness is polar opposite to the light and can't be seen, either. Darkness is revealed as colour and shape by the encounter with the light.The qualities of light, colour and darkness are constantly present in the external world and in our inner world. They are in constant motion, in constant exchange, transforming and remodeling themselves.

If one tries to describe a colour, then they say, for example: a warm red or a happy yellow, a calming green. Warm, happy and calm are words that express a mood, like the quality of colour expresses an emotion. So you can experience a colour as a feeling, depending on the particular mood. You can experience the feeling of the colour as an inner movement.
"The colours around us, are feelings inside us."

"The light of thought hits upon the constant darkness of the will." Between these two extremes you can experience the colourful world of the soul. The soul acts as an mediator between thinking and willing. We can build the following relationship:

Light - Colour - Darkness in the Macrocosm
corresponds to
Thinking - Feeling - Willing in the Microcosm


Through our senses the outside world permeates into us. As just outlined we can - especially regarding the colour - make hereby a close connection to the inner world. Our rhythmic system is in constant contact with our self as well as to the environment. At the same time it is a mediator between our will and thinking and between earthly and cosmic events. With our feelings we connect with things.

This occurrence gives us the oportunity to provide our world of soul with a suitable cover. Especially man is very receptive for this. Intentionally colour design can support, carry, accompany and ideally heal.

First and foremost, a great deal is set by the architecture of a building or room. With a colour scheme one can melt form and colour to a holistic picture. This can supply people with a liveable, vibrant setting for meetings, exchange and development.


For colour design in and on the building we prefer colour glazes. Glazes are transparent layers of paint that will allow the light to penetrate to the ground. This process is called physical transmission which means the passage of the light. On the background the light is reflected and radiated back through the glazed layers of colour. In physics the returning of the light is called remission. In conventional paints where light is directly scattered on the surface of the colour and reflected, the result is usually a "dead" colour space.
Therefore glazes seem so light, transparent and translucent. "Living walls" are the result.

On the finished glazed wall you will find a new combined quality of colour. In the vivid image of the surface glaze one can experience ones own liveliness.
Depending on the use of a room or building different forces of colour and shape are chosen. These different forces are developed and used by us, to invole artistic, psychological and educational aspects.

For colour designs on walls and buildings, there are many different techniques and materials available. For each individual project we will chose the most suitable method.
Indoors, we prefer pure colour pigments with a beeswax mixture which binds to most mineral surfaces. So we can layer spheres of colour similar to our paintings on the wall. The organic structure and the pleasant scent of the beeswax in the binder also contributes to good climate.

For a comprehensive concept of colour, we try to include further aspects:
Window and door frames, floors, curtains, light fittings, possibly coloured windows, artprints and paintings, e.c.
We think that for companies, the involvement of the corporate design is essential too.