Birgit Tiller
born in 1967 in Berlin-Charlottenburg (West-Germany)
1988-91 Training as a goldsmith in NRW (DEU)
1992 Technical Diploma in Design in Krefeld (DEU)
1993-97 Study of Painting at the Collot Academy, Bergen (NL)
Since 1995 Painting teacher
1997 Diploma
Since 1997 Freelance as an artist
1998 Birth of daughter Alicia
2002-04 Training as an art teacher at the Institute for Waldorf Education Witten-Annen (DEU)
Since 2004 Art and Craft teacher at the Rudolf Steiner Schule Siegen (DEU)
2011 Birth of our son Lucian
2018 Master of Education at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences (DEU)

Roland Tiller
born in 1970 Klosterneuburg-Vienna (AUT)
1988-90 Training in Graphic Design Vienna (AUT)
until 1992 free-lance as a graphic artist in Austria
1993-97 Studied painting at the Collot Academy in Bergen (NL)
1997 Diploma
Since then work as a freelance visual artist
1998 Birth of our daughter Alicia
Since 1998 regular lecturer in various countries in Europe
1999 establishment of the studio in Germany, exhibitions, seminars, lectures and various projects
Since 2005 the studio based in Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia (DEU)
2011 our son Lucian is born
2018 Foundation of the Light-Colour-Darkness Academy