The Light-Colour-Darkness Academy is for people who are looking for a painting study which connects to the original creative sources. With J.W.v. Goethe began a time when "the secret knowledge" about colour was gradually released to mankind. Rudolf Steiner has made this on many theoretical and practical levels alive. With Liane Collot d'Herbois a personality followed who brought this knowledge of colour to a new level, in artistic painting and in the therapeutic work. Her impulse in painting is now represented all over the world and more and more people are attracted to this kind of art.
The Academy offers a 4-year painting study which focuses on the technique of veilpainting, based on the research of Liane Collot d'Herbois. The aim is to learn the painting techniques in the way that the results meet high artistic and spiritual claim. An artistic training that attaches importance to the painting techniques and the spiritual-scientific background in working with the colour worlds.
The Studio Tiller has been active for 20 years with painting seminars throughout Europe with this impulse in the art of painting. For several years also with the possibility of videoconferencing, today also called webinar, for people abroad or overseas. From these experiences and the great worldwide interest, to learn the painting method according to the laws of light, colour and darkness, the impulse to start the Academy arose.

The study mainly takes place through an online support, the students will be individually accompanied by video telephony. Thus they have the possibility to study at home, which adapts individually and allows enough time and space for their own work rhythm. As a personal meeting seems to be important to us, the students have the opportunity to participate in 2 week seminars by Roland Tiller free of charge per year! Currently available in 5 countries in Europe.
After the successful completion of the studies each student receives a certificate from the Light-Colour-Darkness Academy, the accreditation of the Academy is striven for!

Time of study:

12 terms (4 month each) in 4 years.
Application for 2021 is no longer possible. Apply now for January 2022.

360 minutes individual online support via Zoom, Skype or Facetime per term. These are 6 personal online sessions á 60 minutes via live video conferencing per term.

As a student of the Academy you will receive an "Academy Pass". You can take part in a maximum of 2 week seminars per calendar year with Roland Tiller without additional costs.
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Tuition fee:

Monthly 180, - Euro / Total costs of study 8640.- Euro (including 19 % VAT)
In addition material costs are incurred.

From the contents of the study program:

• Relationships between microcosm and macrocosm
• Light and darkness as creative original sources
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• Mankind and the world of colour
• The 12 colour qualities
• The technique of layer painting / Veil painting
• Fundamentals of Drawing
• Methods of finding an image
• Meaning of dimensions
• Development of mankind
• Art history - cultural epochs
• History of painting
and many more

Application for study:

You can apply online to the Light-Colour-Darkness Academy!
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You will then get your personal application document by e-mail, which you can fill in and send back to the Academy with your portfolio.
Your application does not bind you to anything, you are not signing a contract!